Sunday, November 6, 2011


I woke up this morning early because my cell phone did not automatically fall back. So I decided to take advantage of the time and go for a 3 mile walk. Usually, I walk by myself but my new puppy who is not so small set at the edge of the drive waiting for me to ask him to come along. I called "come on Henry and he came running with delight." He had never been down this road and was curious to all the new smells and sights. He would stop and smell all kinds of things including things I would have prefered him not to smell. He would see me keep on walking and quickly he would run to catch up. He never let me get to far from his sight. If he lagged behind to far I would call and he would quickly come running. He was so funny to watch because it seemed as if he was privileged to be with me. He walked very proudly next to me at times. We as chrsitians are privileged to have God invite us to walk with him on a daily basis. We get sidetracked by the things that satan dangles in front of us but God always calls us the get back on the track. My goal this week is to keep my on God and not let him get to far ahead of me where I would be so lost.

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