Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Eyes Have It

I always find it funny how peoples expressions on their face do not match up with what they are saying. For example today I had to have a EGD(upper scope on my throat). So I was told to be there at 6 am sharp. As a good patient I arrived in a timely manner. Of course there were four other 6 am scheduled patients also. The receptionist seemed to be a friendly type of person. So, about 6:30 am they called me to the back. You could tell they had a certain way of handling things in this office. First your vitals were taken then you got your bed assignment so they could start your IV for the procedure. I was the last of the 6am people to have my IV started so I was able to watch each and every one of them go to the procedure room and comeback for recovery. It almost reminded me of a Disney ride. How they moved everyone like and assembly line. You started in your curtain area then as one of the pt had been in the procedure room for about 5 minutes they came and moved the next on to the middle of the room. That way when the anesthetist brought the first from the procedure room to recovery the other nurse could quickly grab the stretcher. So now it was my turn to be placed close to the procedure room. Since I now have had and IV dripping for about and hour and half I had to go to the bathroom. I would ask my transporter if I could use the facilities. She ROLLED her eyes and said "sure sweetie." So what did that say to me. Not really stupid "you should have gone before." I am sure I am guilty of this myself sometimes:whether I am responding to a patient or even a family member. Sometimes when the shoe is put on the other foot it makes you think.

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