Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So many words

As you read in my previous blog I had picked a word for the year. Last years word came to life in more than one way. So I have been contemplating the new one for this year. AND, would I really be ready for it after last year.? So my word this year is self-control. It came to me last night in the strangest way. Tim had pulled the garbage from the can and set it aside in the kitchen. Before he went to bed I heard him say "Son I'm going to move this so you won't be tempted." Of course we don't have a son so he was referring to our beloved dog Bengi. Now Bengi has no self control. He amazes me how he knows something is wrong but he does it anyway. How do I know he knows it is wrong? Well, when he is in the process of wrong doing and we happen to walk in on him he bolts for the other room and hides. He knows he cant hide from us but he tries. We as people do the same thing. We think God cant see us but he does. He sees all of our imperfections. So that is why I am choosing self-control to be my word. There are so many areas in my life that need a little bit more rope tightening on them. So I hope to gain self-control in my insecurities and my moods(which is hard to do when you are my age). So let the journey begin with my buddy: SELF-CONTROL.

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