Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Cricket

Just imagine a classroom full of kids going about their everyday business. All of a sudden there appears a small creature of Gods making , yes, a cricket. So the discussion persues among the class how to get it out. Some of the girls said "im not touching it, it is gross." The boys try to stomp it to death. Some of them try to shoo it out of the classroom with their foot or a broom. Finally others just simply ignore it and avoid it. But there is a young lady who steps up to the plate. Now this girl is the kind of girl who is a tender hearted and loving. So this young girl walks up to the cricket and gentle picks it up and cups it in her hands. She proceeds to walk out the door and places the cricket in the grass to be free. Everyone looked at her in amazement. Some of them thought she was crazy and others asked her why didnt she just kill it.
The young girl said "doesnt eveything derserve a chance?"
This story made me place everything into perspective. Everyday in life we come into contact with creatures of Gods making. They come into our lives at work, during errands, and at church. So how do we treat them. Do we ignore them, do they disgust us because they are different than us or do we wish they would go away to be with their own kind. Yes we are all guilty of this one time or another in our life of this. But eveyone derserves a "chance." You might be totally surprised when you get to know them and how much you can learn from them. I work at a job where you have to get very personal with a family really fast because you are only with them for such a brief time. So I try to find out as much about them as fast as I can. I learn something new each day. Some of the most bizzare people in the world have the most interesting stories to tell. Who knows God might have put that person in my life for a reason, so shame on me if I mss an opportunity. My friends think I am crazy. One friend told me "I would talk to anyone." Last year at a worship conference my friends would ask me who I met today. Of course I always met someone new. So I challenged them to talk to someone out of their box too. So they did and they were able to help a woman connect with someone she wanted to say thank you too but has no idea how to do it.So who knows you might learn something new or you might be able to help someone

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