Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A typical day in the life of Kim Reitz goes something like this.  I wake up from a good nights sleep ready to start the day. I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock that is powered by eletricity.  Then I take a breath of cool air in my air conditioned home.  I walk to the front door, unlock it and unset the alarm to let my dogs out.  I read my daily devotion.  Then I usually walk to the kitchen and open my cooled fridge and fix my lunch for the day. Then I walk to the bathroom and turn on the hot water to take my daily shower.   I dry my hair and finish getting ready for my job as a nurse.  I get in my car to drive  for 20 minutes  When I usually get to work I grab a cup of hot coffee.  Then I began to work.  I work my  twelve hours, maybe 13 if you count lunch.  I get back in my nice air conditioned car and drive home.  If Tim is off dinner is fixed because we have a fridge to keep our food in.  Last to settle down I take another bath and put my pjs on before I crawl in my nice comfy bed.

I am sharing this to make a point.  Today when I came home from the grocery store in this 102 degree weater and the electricity was off.  I just expected it to be on.  One of the many things that I take for granted on a daily basis.  As my daughter is in South Africa on a mission trip I think of all the things I am blessed with.  First I take for granted the air I breath.  As I attended a friends husbands funeral the other day I am reminded that we are not promised tommorrow.  So we should treat every day like it is our last.   I also take for granted that I have a home in a free country where I can worship my God.  I also take for granted  that I can turn on the hot water in my bathroom and take a shower every day.  As this moment  my daughter is in a country where a clean bath is rare.  It is usually taken in a place where they wash their clothes and get their drinking water.  The women of the house walk for hours to get some water to do their household chores.  When the women of the United States can walk a few feet away and  turn on the faucet and get fresh water.  Like I said these women walk for miles.  I can get in my car and drive to where I need to go.   Last as I settle down tonight  I will go to bed in the safety of my home under the security of an alarm in my comfy bed after I have eaten a nice dinner. Again there are many people in this world who will go to bed hungry and  sleep  on nothing but the floor of wherever they live. 

So tommorrow as you start your day. Think of those who are less fortunate than youselves and thank God for all that he provides.  WE  ARE SO BLESSED

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