Monday, September 5, 2011

So Sweet

I am writing this blog in the color pink because who I am writing about is the sweetest little thing in the world. Today the Reitz family got together for lunch. A good time to touch base and celebrated any birthday that is remotely close. As we do for every holiday. One of my favorite little people was there: Jayden(my niece). As soon as she saw me she came and sat in my lap and gave me the biggest hugs ever She sat there for the longest telling me all about her teacher and what she was learning. She talked about everything. As she talked to me she played with my hair and loved on me. It reminded me of my girls when they were little. How when they got in the car they just talked and talked. Often they would crawl in my lap and tell me about their whole day. Now I have to beg them to talk to me. A friend I worked with told me when her daughter was in high school she would make sure she was home when her daughter got home from school because she was not quite sure if it would be a day she would come in and talk to her or bounce right up the stairs like she was never there. She told me didn't want to miss that chance to talk to her. She said the latter was true more often. I didn't quite understand till my girls reach that sweet age. As my girls grow I find myself waiting to talk to them. So when I do talk to them I cherish the moments; though our conversations are very adult like and not so innocent as the talks with them as a child. I wonder if God longs to talk to us. Some days I get up and go about my business and not even give him a second thought about him. His heart must ache to the point where it hurts him so. I'm sure he would love for us to come to him as innocent as a child and just talk to him. He would love for us to crawl up in his lap and love on him everyday.

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