Monday, September 19, 2011

When it is My Time

Today I said goodbye to T.C. Calmes today. He was a great man and that was reiterated over and over today at the funeral. What a great life! So again all of this made me think. Of course it did. I have a young friend named Taylor and when she was in high school she had to write her own eulogy and plan her own funeral. What a task for such a young person. None of us want to think about our own death so that is why we fly through life not thinking about the consequences of our actions. Before we know it the years between 0 an 85 have flown by . Either we embrace what we accomplished in such a short time or we hang our heads in despair. So I have been thinking about what people would say about me. My husband would probably say I was an OK wife. I worked hard and took good care of my family. He would also say I really got on his nerves when I moved his stuff. My daughters would say that I loved them with all my heart and they couldn't live without me because, I did everything for them. My family would say I stayed away to long and that they missed me. My co-workers would say I was very hard working. My church family would say I sang good. But really all of this does not add up to what I want it add up too. I want everyone to say I meant something on this earth and that my life was not a waste. God gave me my life for a reason and I don't want to waste it. Maybe all of us should step back and take a look at our life and think about what we want people to say about us on that day.

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