Thursday, August 11, 2011

I knew one day it would come but never this quickly. You see I have been blessed with the two greatest gifts ever. God blessed me with two beautiful daughters. The first is a fiesty, energetic, beautiful, smart and God loving girl. It seems just like yesterday when that little 5LB 10 oz preterm baby came in our lives. She came 5 weeks early and came out face first. Bruised and beat up she was determined to see where she was going. That is still her today, always looking for the next step ahead. She does not miss a beat. If you think you are going to surprise her you are definitely mistaken. As a matter of fact she dislikes surprises!! I always said she was my spirted child. When she belives in something there is no arguing with her. Her dad always tells her she was going to argue with Jesus when he comes back. So this little girl started her senior year today! Of course as a mom I am not ready for her to grow up all the way but I know it is a must. I am sure I will hear this statement more than once. "trust me mom I am a senior now." I did hear once today already: on the phone this morning. I want to protect her but I know I have to let her make her own decisions.

Now my second daughter keeps me laughing. She is the more laid back child. Karlie started life out that way too. Siitng in a breech position I had to have a c/s to go and get that 6lb and 8 oz. She is so full of life, loveable, friendly, caring, humorous, and flexable. From the get go she has always been the one to give of herself. From day one she had to go with the flow of the family because she is the baby. Karlies gentle spirit makes people love her even though she can talk you head off. She is little bit clumbsy but she gets that trait honestly.

So one graduates high school and the other eighth grade. As I watch them grow and worry about them I think how God must worry about us. He has given us life and done EVERYTHING for us and he has to let us make our own mistakes. He must have pain when we turn from him. What we do as patents on this earth is just a little taste of what he goes through on a daily basis Being a parent is probally the only way we as humans can understand unconditional love. That is why God allows us to have children. If we didnt we probablly would not understand it at all. I know I could not sacrifice my children for anyone else. Thank you God for your unconditional love.

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