Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have the most wonderful husband in the world. Especially when it come to helping around the house. We take turns cooking and cleaning depending on each others work schedule. This last week has been a crazy week. School started, it was crazy at work and I hit my head after a fall. So Tim was so nice and cooked a lot this week. You never know what he is going to come up with. One time he could something so hot that I had to have five glasses of water to help it go down.
He loves to experiment with food. This week was no exception. One day we had spaghetti with Tony's and on Friday he cooked red beans. When he called me Friday morning he was so proud of his self, "guess what we are having for dinner?" No what "red beans." My response was" red beans on Friday". He asked "why cant we have red beans on Friday?" Quickly I said" that is a Mondays dish". A few co-workers heard our conversation and agreed with me. This all opened up a huge conversation about why do we eat red beans on Monday. It became a tradition for New Orleans women to cook these on Monday because that was the day they did their house cleaning and red beans would cook on the stove all day. You really do not have to fool with them that much. Put them on low and let them go . So all this made me think. We get caught up in so many traditions and the way things are suppose to be we miss out on so much stuff. For example our church just went from two worship services to one service. A big adjustment for some. The traditional worshipers are having to adjust to praise songs and the contemporary worshipers are having to adjust to hymns. For the most part it is going smoothly but there are a few members who have not. Each have gotten use to one way of worship and they are having a difficult time adjusting. What miss out when we harden out hearts to change? God likes change that is why life is so full of surprises. We do not grow when we become stagnant in our worship. As Christians he wants us to grow. So we need to be open to changes, weather it is a small change or a BIG CHANGE. You never know what God wants to show you. So yes I had red beans on Friday and they were good. Now I dont have to cook on Saturday because I have left overs.

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