Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Part of the reason I blog is to share part of my soul, my insecurities, my feelings and my mistakes. Anyone who knows me knows I am perfect. NOT!More mistakes than anything, like today. Well today I moved into my old home. A place I have been trying to move away from for a long time but I gradually return there on a regular basis. Anyone who goes to EBC knows exactly what I am referring to. So I will keep it at that. Today I was so excited for my girl Karlie. She was to play in her first volleyball game. She has worked so hard. This summer she was one of the two girls to go to camp and she attends every practice. She even sacrificed a dance class to attend practice. She has come home with all her muscles hurting and she never once complained. I am so proud of her. She made sure she had everything she needed for the game and had it all ready to take with her this morning. So as the game started she waited in anticipation of playing but unfortunately it didn't come. The game passed and she sat on the bench in the seasons first scrimmage. I was the one who was upset that she didn't play because I will not be able to see her play hardly at all because the game schedule did not come out until it was too late. My heart was crushed. So I told a friend I was really mad and upset. I was being selfish, it was all about me me me!!!! As I thought it over I called my friends and apologized to them for being upset. Of course both of them said it was OK and that they understand. God gives us opportunities to prove ourselves to him. Today I failed and so I am sure there will be another time right around the corner. Let see if I strike out again. Hopefully I will seize the opportunity and grow because that is why we are given these trials.

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