Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Perfect Peach

So I went to my favorite place in the world yesterday to buy a few things,at Walmart. This is really not my favorite place especially on a Saturday. I made one little mistake. I never may mistakes I am perfect:( So not true). The mistake was that I went hungry. Everyone know the rule to going to the grocery store. Never go hungry because you will buy the store out. Trying to be healthy I headed over to the produce section. There they were, a bin of peaches. They were so pretty, in color,smell and feel.. I decide I would buy just a few with some other fruit. I managed to buy just what was on my list and headed out the door. I still had one more task on my schedule to do but I was starving. So I decided to eat one of the perfect peaches. It was so sour. Maybe it was just the first bite but the second was just the same. I finished it but I was so disappointed. All this made me think how things look so perfect from the outside and are nasty on the inside. I am guilty of looking at things from the outside and compare myself to them.. I tell my self they have more money, their family is much better than mine or they are just plain better than me. I try to set a good example for my girls because I want them to know they are as good as anyone else in this world. I have learned in life that everyone has insecurities about their own life. That took me a long time to learn. The one true fact is that we as humans should only compare ourselves to the one and only Jesus Christ. Was he not the PERFECT ONE?

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