Monday, August 8, 2011

Please Don't throw Me into the Brier Patch

I asked my oldest daughter if she would be so kind to help me create a blog spot and her comment was if "you don't know how then you don't deserve one" but my kind dear younger daughter quickly jumped to my aid. Both of them are the best girls ever. I am so proud of them! REALLY. For many years I have written my thoughts and ideas in a journal but I can type much faster. I know this is not making much sense because what I have said so far is nothing relating to the title.

I do get ideas from the strangest things that occur in my life. For example the other day I decided to remove the briers from my flower beds. A task that is n0t taken lightly. First I had to find my gloves. Of course the ones I found were not the right ones, the first brier I grabbed went right through the glove. So I had to find the right ones to protect my hands. So now I was ready for the challenge. So I started to pull them out. Some of them were so grounded, I had to grab them from the bottom and pull from the root. If not they would certainly grow back. Some of them would grab me back and wrap around me, leaving nasty little thorns in me. So all of this made me start to think. This entire world is just on BIG BRIER PATCH. It is filled with little thorns that get to you and stay if you let them. You have to eventually remove them or they will fester until you cant stand it anymore. They become your entire focus. You cant concentrate on anything else except that thorn. The only way to protect yourself on the thorns of life is to protect yourself. Just like putting on the gloves as you dig into the Brier patch you have to put the word of God in your heart to protect yourself from the thorns of life.

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