Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm a Senior!

I'm a senior. Theses are words I have heard quite frequently in the last few weeks and school just started two weeks ago. I can so remember being there myself. Wanting the freedom that comes with being a senior or still needing help with some things but not wanting to ask. So as the parent how do I deal with this? I have to learn when to help and when not too. I can remember there was a time I helped with a certain situation and she didn't talk to me for a long time. If I was a bird this job would have been done a long time ago, six weeks and one push out of the nest and you are done. Good luck says the mama bird or does she look over the edge of the nest and think Oops! I should have given him one more flying lesson. The mama bird has no regrets like human moms do. We over analyze our mistakes. We try to raise our children opposite of how we were raised. If we were spanked as a child we swear we wont spank ours, if we were handed hammy downs then our children will have the very best or if we came from divorced parents we promise to make our marriage work for the kids. We read and read to learn how to become better parents. Believe me I have read tons of those books which none has help one iota(is that how you spell that). The best advice I have gotten is from The Book. We all know what book that is. The Bible. First, God always loves his children unconditionally day in and day out. Second, when he punishes us he means it and doesn't back down.Last, he lets us make our mistakes because that is the only way we are going to grow as Christians. As a mom I have to remind myself to be more like God on a daily basis which is such a hard thing to do.

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